ICONIK Travels & Events

Iconik Travels and Events is an end-to-end travel integrator, helping you turn your company events (meetings, outings, and conferences) and local communities into destinations. 

We passionately advocate Community-based Sustainable Tourism (CBST) and we work with various communities and organizations to help develop sustainable tourist sites in the islands of Palawan, Cebu, and Bohol.

We create iconic experiences for you by:

  • Having the best partner venues and suppliers
  • Choosing the most iconic destinations and activities
  • Offering tour packages that fit exactly your needs
  • Changing lives as we work with and develop the local communities that we visit

The Story

Iconik Travels and Events started out as a passion project of travel enthusiast and specialist, Nikki Prado, in 2018. Nikki was born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines, but like any other traveler, she has fallen in love with Palawan’s exceptional beauty and fun-loving yet nature-minded people. She has been regularly spending time in Palawan since she was 4 years old because of her father’s love of the island.

So without much thought, she packed her things, left the hustle-and-bustle of the city life and eventually moved to the island province’s capital of Puerto Princesa City last July 2011 to work as a hotelier in their family business.

With Nikki’s experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, you know you’re in best hands when you choose Iconik Travels and Events. From arranging the safest private tour services to popular and off-the-beaten destinations, or booking your chic and affordable accommodations, to getting you to thrift shops where you can buy premium takeaway goodies for your loved ones back home, choosing Iconik is a decision you will never regret. Say you’re also in the lookout for unique pre-nuptial photo shoots and honeymoon packages all at reasonable prices, Iconik has you covered.

Iconik Travels and Events is all about having worry-free exclusive travels, while enjoying nature’s grandeur and appreciating life at a different level. Our savvy team will seamlessly take you to iconic and unique places that will surely make your company event unforgettable and truly a destination.

Our Exclusive Services


To make sure everything goes smoothly and to prevent you from any travel stress, we will take care of all your airline bookings.

Tours and Itinerary

Let us know what kind of experiences you want and we’ll recommend the best itineraries for you. We create tours that are exclusive and customized for you and your group.


For your convenience, the package already includes transportation to take you to your amazing destinations


WIth the tours you’ll be booking with us, we give you the opportunity to change the lives of local communities. We help you help others.


We got your accommodations covered. We choose the best hotels and resorts that fit your budget.

Event Coordination and Logistics

Meetings, outings, or conferences – we have it all figured out. No need to stress over the details, we’ll do the coordination and logistics for you.


For those who love to explore our famous beautiful islands, we took care everything for you, from boat arrangement including your lunch at the beach

Our Iconik Team

Chief Iconik Executive

Chief Iconik Executive

Travel Manager - Cebu

Travel Consultant - Palawan